Commercial Vehicle Re-Painting & Refurbishment Wellingborough

Each vehicle refurbishment, for instance a truck, will have a complete vehicle check done, prior to any work, as refurbishment is different and tailored to your requirements.

All vehicles are stripped down to the bare chassis and cab, with the chassis de-waxed, steam cleaned, dried and shot blasted if required.

The chassis is then dried, prepared, from one-end-to-the-other, along with the same process to the cab, grilles, air deflectors, wheels, bumpers, skirts, arches and step plates. Additionally with our panel fabrication department, we can also carry out all replacement electrical rewiring.

With all the repairs completed, primed, the next phase is the refinishing, and with our paint partners PPG, DuPont and Sikkens we can guarantee your vehicles refinish to that of the factory.

Whether you are an owner operator or a large company with a fleet of commercial vehicles we have the experience, skills set, equipment and contacts with specialist companies to completely refurbish your commercial vehicles.

Upon completion of the refurbishment we will liaise directly with your sign writers or Decal Company to re-decal the vehicle prior to being delivered to you, and ready for the road.